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Barbie gets tattoos for fashion makeover – but what message does this send to her young fans? | Mail Online

Barbie gets tattoos for fashion makeover – but what message does this send to her young fans? | Mail Online.

David LaChapelle Wins Pre-Trial Ruling Against Rihanna

A federal court has refused to dismiss David LaChapelles copyright claim against pop singer Rihanna over a music video with scenes allegedly copied from several of LaChapelles images. The ruling, by the US District Court in New York City, means the photographers claim can now go to trial.LaChapelle filed suit in February, alleging that some … Continue reading

Bad Idea Pin-Ups and More items – Get great deals on NUDES, MOVIE STARS PRINTS items on eBay Stores!

  Wow this is an ebay store               Bad Idea Pin-Ups and More items – Get great deals on NUDES, MOVIE STARS PRINTS items on eBay Stores!.

Chainstore axes topless adverts – Life & Style – NZ Herald News

Australasian tween clothing chain Supre is under fire after running sexual advertisements featuring a young topless model.Stores in New Zealand and Australia have pulled the campaign after complaints.The Australian Advertising Standards Bureau said it had received many complaints about the images that appeared in print and on buses that show young topless girls in jeggings … Continue reading

Impact of images in advertising and impact on consumer’s lives

article by Katherine Sullivan very interesting stuff and well written.   Microsoft Word – ATEOI.doc

The Porn Report – FAQS

The Porn Report – FAQS.   This is an Australian article researched by two women. The outcomes regarding porn objectifying women and men being more violent towards women was actually the opposite in their research at the Melbourne University – the porn report was written in 2008. It’s conclusion even surprised me. Will source the … Continue reading

Pornography Statistics

Pornography Statistics. These statistics are astounding!

Images and text for plates

Well Gerry still wont look at the images so I am having to press ahead on my own. He has commented that I am going to get some flack but seems to be confronted and uncomfortable with looking at the images himself especially if the other students are present. I suggested yesterday that I leave … Continue reading

Plate installation

This is a quarter of the size of the finished layout – I liked the way these particular 12 fitted together I have thrown at least another ten with distorted edges drilled holes etc to add into the final mix of 48. I tested for clear glazes and the original using epk is definitely the … Continue reading

Clay arrives

Clay finally arrived the thursday before easter – been flat out throwing every day. Had quite a bit of trouble with turning at first – there is only a small ideal window to turn this clay given that the plates are so small. Loss rate to date 40% but improving it all the time – … Continue reading

Photoshop Techniques

As I have  previously blogged I was having difficulty in tackling how to create the 70’s photo lab prints with the rounded corners. After researching One Perfect Photo a software package that includes Photo Frame and downloading numerous versions only to discover that most of these applications require an intel chip and minimum of 2gb … Continue reading

Digital Artworking of images for body of work

What a week. The tablet finally arrived looked like Australia post damaged the box in transit hence the delay but tablet working fine. While setting it up I discovered a problem with my file permissions so ran a optimizer – fuck me whole computer fucking crashed. This  week I was suppose to be starting to … Continue reading

Reclaiming Cool Ice

Reclaiming this clay has not come without its problems. I have a largealisman sieve that was given to me some time ago. The first attempt I had at reclaiming saw the handle from the sieve which was covered in rust fall into the clay as I turned to push through the sieve. So using a … Continue reading

Sex in Advertising

There is an unending amount of this type of advertising both on the net, tv, magazines etc etc The need for speed one will be  a surprise to those of you who dont play video games. Threw the Grand theft auto scene in was just one of many in the game and on you tube. … Continue reading

Mapplethorpe – A Biography

The following selected text comes from the book titled above by Patricia Morrisroe 1995 Their own sexual relationship, though, was less than satisfactory, and while she loved him, she didn’t feel passionate about him. Mapplethorpe was disheartened whenever anybody failed to appreciate his art, yet he never questioned his talent. The positive feeling he had … Continue reading

selected images and text Richard Prince

Text as appears in Prince, R & Sante, L, 2003 , Richard Prince , Phaidon, London. Some photos are from here and also Prince, R & Bürgi, B, 2002 , Richard Prince: paintings, photographs , Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern-Ruit. Richard Prince (RP) ‘…I grew up in the suburbs…no one wore cool clothes. I had never seen a white levis jacket or a … Continue reading

Sexualization of Girls in Media – Report by the APA | Clean Cut Media

Sexualization of Girls Report by the APAAmerican Psychological Association came out with a report that shows girl as young as 4 and 5 years old are wearing new clothing styles such as push-up bras, thongs, mini skirts and other adult type outfits. Following the onslaught of media images girls see on TV, there is a … Continue reading

Transpose Project

We were asked to transpose our idea into another material – that is if we weren’t making it out of ceramics how could we present it. I thought the icon of the mermaid was fairly similar to that of the pinup model or images that we see in advertising or on the net – I … Continue reading

Sharp tools make all the difference to turning

Had no end of trouble turning these minature plates. The porcelain is so fine that every mark shows. After turning 7 plates over 5hours tediously with a variety of blunt tools I ventured down to the hardware shop and bought an sandpaper adapter for the angle grinder and sharpened them all up. After some more … Continue reading