Gerard Justin Ferrari (USA)

from confrontational ceramics Judith S Schwartz 2008 pg 71

Gerard Justin Ferrari: Corporate Rape Simulator addresses the unrelenting concern of various multinational corporations with the bottom line. I believe that many of these companies will stop at nothing to hide their sweatshops, extremely low wages, administrative brutality, and unethical and inhumane war they wage against the world’s economy, people and environment.

The base represents an offshore oil rig. The platform includes a large phallus attacked to the rig’s driilling device, which symbolises male dominance of our society, corporations and political systems. The platform’s video-game joystick represents the military’s war-game simulators, with which soldiers train for war;  just as video-game players might become numb to violence, this device refers to the West’s disconnectedness in relation to worldwide suffering. Implying dehumanisation, the clay wires linked to the female figure represent our dependency on technology and the individual’s complicity with and dependancy on the products of large corporations. Ultimately questioning the individual’s conscious or unconscious role in the earth’s devestation, the device’s handle implies viewer participation.

This sculpture brutally confronts the viewer to reflect on the abuse by multinational corporations of their sweatshop workers, their literal rape of women, and their metaphorical rape of humanity and the environment. I hope that in some small way, when viewers experience this disturbing sculpture, it adds to the ripple of dissatisfaction with these companies’ widespread unethical behavior, and their maltreatment of our planet and humanity.

Jim – this is one of the best writings I have read in relation to this topic when presented about an artwork.

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