Grayson Perry

Confrontational Ceramics Judith S Schwartz 2008 pg 48

Grayson Perry: A lot of my work has always had a guerrilla tactic, a stealth tactic. I want to make something that lives with the eye as a beautiful piece of art, but on closer inspection, a polemic or an ideology will come out of it. Not so that it destroys the intrinsic pattern and beauty of it. I don’t want to sacrifice the aesthetic for the idea. I want the two to be so close that they live happily together, or maybe not happily, but so that there is a frisson.

I like the whole iconography of pottery. It hasn’t got any big pretensions to being great public works of art, and no matter how brash a statement I make, on a pot it will always have a certain humility.

From the very first plate I made…I have used imagery that some people find disturbing. I use such material not to deliberately shock but because sex, war, and gender are subjects that are a part of me and fascinate me and I feel I have something to say about them.

(from Graysone Perry, Guerilla Tactics, Stedelijk Musuem)

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