Verne Funk (USA)

from confrontational ceramics Judith S Schwartz pg 180

Verne Funk: In Brush Stroke the attempt is fragmentation; to both moderate the image and at the same time to imply male voyeurism, like looking through a keyhole.

The fragmentation enhances the erotic nature but softens the pornographic nature. There is obviously a thin line between the erotic, which I think of as a positive and sensuous, and the pornographic, which is negative and harmful. This plate is a positive expression of sex, and sex is a most basic human expression.

With regard to the title, I prefer using two words instead of one. Brushstroke, as one word, implies one activity, the act of making the ‘marks’ on the plate. Brush Stroke, on the other hand, implies two activities (brush and stroke), thereby including the image in the drawing.

Jim: I thought Verne offered no real separation or clarification of what the difference between what is considered porn and erotic (only from his own restricted view point) – and further to this I would suggest that these boundaries are not only getting closer but are more and more blurred everyday. As for his explanation of the title – what a load of art wank if ever I have heard some. I think I was drawn to this image because it is a technique used in the darkroom by selectively painting developer onto an exposed piece of photographic paper.

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