Gerry Wedd Artist Talk 3/3/11

I really enjoyed this talk from gerry it not only helped me to understand his work better – as not just more blue and white – but it gave me quite an insight into the concepts behind his work and him as an individual and where he draws his reasons and sources of inspiration from. I was surprised that the dogs came from images from his child hood books and was also surprised at the degree of politics in some of his art. Will enjoy getting to know him better. Thought it was also great when he spoke about how when he did eventually get into art school and everything was free and accessible 24/7 that he spent all his time their and was probably wont destroyed his first relationship – I could relate to that obsessiveness and drive to want to make/create.

I had a flick though google images and found some work in progress, some art gallery work and some gift-shop work(mind you its still super high quality and the drawing is amazing). Then I stumbled upon his blog a vast source of information

I also previously posted on my other blog about Gerry’s new exhibition which has a great outline of his history and influences

The notes are below –

– made ideas around the lack of technique

– sourced images from songs – words that provided images – interested in the history of ceramics

– word play – on domestic-domestic ware

– Has alwasy gone from 2D-3D

– one body of work added 70% frit to clay and colorants

– influences RAW magazine – charles burns – gary panter – likes the graphic and narrative, the light and dark

– Viola Fry giant pots in pieces – coil built

– Then worked for mambo for 15 years – made hi reconsider type of stuff he could do on pots. Dream story sent one of his drawings in – got a check back in the mail 3months later and taken on board – he would supply b&w drawings – mambo would add the color.

– Always made jewelry (didn’t get into uni till mature age so did a 4-year jewelry apprenticeship) and ceramics one has paid for the other

– interested in kitsch ceramics

– made a brooch with an image called winged vagina

– well known for his willow work – painting with cobalt – play around with the ceramic tradition

– lot of working time makes fun usable ware for sale – paint with slip at random on wheel then sgraffito – always nice to have something in the bottom or     cup or bowl

-David archer and gerry made sculptures by skate park

– went through a minimal period with just 4:3:2:1 celedon

– started making 3D objects of the willow pattern then made own objects to add into pattern ie chinese landscape with kangaroos on top

– moon faced woman iran 5th century

– likes white slip on terracotta but has recently been using paperclay and cool ice porcelain

– on the side personal project – history of people surfing

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