Home away from Home

My new home away from home for the next 12 weeks. I spent 12months gearing up to come back and complete my specialisation. Packed up all my tools of trade only to discover that you no longer can throw in your own space. Given that I spent a whole day stripping my own work area at home down from the terracotta I had previously used to create a porcelanised space – I will not be throwing $50bags of porcelain next to some newby at university in the 20wheel zone. Hence a complete re-think of my proposal is needed and for some other reasons I will outline as I go on. Also unimpressed at the uni’s cutting of staff hours from 4hours a week to 3hours a week – given there are 8 of us to the one staff member – that is not much time per week to discuss your project or any technical issues that arise and no email contact is allowed – fucking bullshit!

I have previously spoken about difficulties faced inside an extreme right wing feminist university and imagery of women. I was excited to have a male lecturer – first time since being at university – but after much discussion with him – he has his own set of issues about imagery of women and what I have proposed is way outside of his comfort zone as well – although at least he is trying to accomodate what I want to do. So after much discussion and reading about artists who have used porn in their artwork before I am having to reign in my ideas. I also read about another artist who was kicked out of university. I told my lecturer last week that the music industry both in their film clips and lyrics are way ahead of art. Art has become something nice! Oh and his comment I have to publish – what another nude picture of a women on a plate – my response yeah a bit like another glaze on a bowl!

So the realisation of this idea began when I found a 1950’s pinup plate in an antique shop and I have been trying to create an acceptable scenario to fit my ideas with my work that is clever and accepted by the uni. So after no much sleep over a week I have decided to slip cast the same style plates – creating reference to my ideas  beginnings and the consumerised/collected plates of the 50’s it also ties in with the found (as I have to go out and find them and their not easy to find) which is something that has also been apart of my internet journey while researching for images. The iconography I have had to rethink completely and will have to search out more images that relate to the pornification of western society including photographing some specific examples, and drawing some icons myself. ie I was talking about these rainbow parties that kids go to in the states where the object is to have a winner – the winner is the boy who ends up with the most lipstick rings on his cock – so i used the letters roygbiv to draw a cock and colored in the rainbow colors of each letter.

Instead of collaging images, icons, text onto one plate each plate will only represent one individual theme but as a body presented it will then be a collaging of all the ideas. I envisage 56 plates 8rows by 7rows to represent a computer or television screen. Scale also purports to this and the short viewing space of the computer screen. The moulds are going to be difficult to make as the plate rim is so fine and to make a mould I need to clay up only to half way on the rim – still havent got my head around this completely as I have never done before – nor have I painted with underglazes, onglazes, used decals, screenprints on ceramics so all will be a challenge for me. I expect 40-50hours a week to get it done.

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