Richard Prince “Canal Zone” Exhibition Recap | Hypebeast

Richard Prince “Canal Zone” Exhibition Recap


Looking back upon his roots and the source of much political controversy, the Panama Canal is the focus of eclectic American artist Richard Prince’s latest exhibition the “Canal Zone”. Under the show’s pretense, the Panama Canal Zone has been reappropriated as a post-apocalyptic area featuring “leshy female pin-ups, Rastafarians with massive dreadlocks, electric guitars, and virile black bodies” as they run riot against a sub-tropical backdrop. The presentation takes on a distinct look as Prince creates a literal story-board style approach including printing pictures onto canvases. Another notable approach includes a “pulled on” style, a technique which involves “a primitive collage technique whereby printed figures are roughly cut out, then the backs of those figures painted and pasted directly onto the base canvas with a squeegee so that the excess paint squirts out on and around the image.” The exhibition is currently on display at theGagosian Gallery until December 20th.

Richard Prince “Canal Zone” Exhibition
Gagosian Gallery
555 West 24th Street
New York, NY 10011
p: 212.741.1111
Tue-Sat 10-6

Images after the jump are NSFW.


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