An accelerated life [Interview with Lydia Lunch by Farmer, Caroline.] APAFT

Lunch, Lydia. An accelerated life [Interview with Lydia Lunch by Farmer, Caroline.] [online]. Artlink, v.18, no.3, Sept 1998: 67-68. Availability: ISSN: 0727-1239. [cited 09 Mar 11].

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The goal of pornography is satisfaction. Usually an onanistic satisfaction or satisfaction between two people. It;s society abut sex, puritanical views about sex that are the problem. The corporate parent can use women to sell everything from toothpaste to cars, but god forbid a women either embrace pleasure; or to decide to go into business for herself with her body as the canvas on which she works.

The government has no right to tell us what to do with our bodies. How to employ our bodies, who to share our bodies with.

We need pornography that addresses all the alternatives of our sexuality, en every format, so that there’s something for everyone. Women need to fight for an alternative pornography.

I would say that half of my work has dealt with extremes of sexuality and what the other has dealt with is political

The films like ‘fingered’ and ‘paradoxia’, bookend the exploration into the realm of my obsessive behavior , dealing with the need for this adrenal chaos which manifests itself in what could be considered abhorrent sexual behavior. I loved every minute of it, and so did all the men I know.

The generosity of my spirit and the lack of taboo I foster towards my own experience has enabled me to create the body of work I have.

That’s where a film like ‘fingered’ is different from most pornography. It doesn’t aim to satisfy. I know what part I played.

MTV has really bred a generation of spoiled, lazy, rock-star wannabes. And art whores. People with their hand out. ‘Give me my record advance, give me my art funding, give me my grant, I cant get an exhibition’. If you want to resist compromise, if you want to resist censorship don’t sleep with the enemy. If you want something done don’t wait for a committee to decided that they’ll allow you to do it.


via Informit – Artlink – Fulltext – An accelerated life [Interview with Lydia Lunch by Farmer, Caroline.] APAFT.

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