Censor and be damned! APAFT

Robb, Julie. Censor and be damned! [online]. Artlink, v.18, no.3, Sept 1998: 15-16. Availability: ISSN: 0727-1239. [cited 09 Mar 11].

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Nevertheless, an officious bystander will find it difficult to argue that they were caused offence by a work or art if they were duly warned by big signs and notices that they were taking this risk on entering the gallery to view what was hanging on a wall obscured from public view by such a warning.

A narrow, restrictive, censoship mentality has replaced a more permissive, liberal regime in which adults were able to decide what they will or will not see. What we have is some people viewing particular films and diciding the rest of society should not see them, denying adults their own choices. I think the government should have the right to make classification decision and impose certain standards, that children should be protected and that suseptible people should be forwarned sufficiently of potentially offensive material.

via Informit – Artlink – Fulltext – Censor and be damned! APAFT.

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