So whats your fetish? [Feminist criticism of women as mens sexual fetish.] APAFT

Kuhl, Serena. So whats your fetish? [Feminist criticism of women as mens sexual fetish.] [online]. Artlink, v.18, no.3, Sept 1998: 52-53. Availability: ISSN: 0727-1239. [cited 09 Mar 11].

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So called pre-feminist fetishisation of women by men. This was a problem as women saw themselves being fetishised into objects, not subjects of their own identities.

The question being can we interact as beings without objectifying others.

The male dominated objectification of women was primarily seen to be sexual. As men and women’s most important interactions were seen to be sexual, men set about specifying what they wanted to be in this interaction. My work is trying to deal with this sexual fetish and feminist criticism of it, also incorporating the intrinscially linked aspects of commodity feminism. My work’s central theme is the cunt.

women enjoy al the sensual arrayment of femininity and sex

Naomi Wolf’s book ‘The beauty Myth’,…universal female body-dislike; responsible for everything from anorexia to low self-esteem. Blame for these conditions has bees ascribed to the media, the fashion industry, the super model phenomenon, pornography and men.

“You, poor victim, are being completely manipulated and paying for it.”

…femininity is fun and pleasurable and open to interpretation by women. Instead of rejecting fetishism, it’s a matter of making it work for you, or creating your own fetish.

Good girl/Bad girl dichotomy that still gets some mileage.

I think the point is for women to happily and confidently, and in the absence of whinging about waif models, pursue their own little dreams of femininity and in tolerance of everyone else’s.

I think it embodies a popular sentiment amongst women that gender is up for definition, that being female can mean anything.

via Informit – Artlink – Fulltext – So whats your fetish? [Feminist criticism of women as mens sexual fetish.] APAFT.

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