Throwing Cool Ice Porcelain – In studio at home

This clay is amazing it is so plastic it is incredible I have never thrown with anything like it (but then I have never thrown porcelain) it is worth every dollar. It is like butter in your hands but it does record any mistakes and it hates any air-bubbles. Have had a few difficulties in getting used to the clay body but more the tiny size of clay required to throw a 4 inch plate. I started with 450grams and after much trial am down to 200grams. Will need to find a better waay of wedging as the small volume is just too difficult with ram method – think I will try damon moon’s method of splitting, slapping, shaping repeat in opposite direction.

After starting to use an 0size mud rib I think I could even take the volume down to 175grams will experiment on next lot. Centering was extremely difficult and has taken me nearly 30balls of clay to work it out the clay is so small and my hands are so much bigger but I think I know have a way using my thumb in place of the palm of my hand and my forefinger up top to stop flanging and overall control. These things are like making furniture for dolls houses perhaps there is a metaphor in there somewhere.

Trimming was tricky as the tools need to be really sharp and solid, turned through a couple trying to find the balance and the right tools to use may have to investigate a couple of others. Will also have to be really on the ball about thickness in the bottom to create a foot that is drillable – oh well should have the hang of it in another week. Thank fuck for the griffin grip as I dont think I could turn these tiny things the way I usually do – that is tap them on centre and use a jar lid on top and away you go.

I opened the humidifier just to take the shot it is normally kept closed to try and dry the clay at a more even rate. The new ones from yesterday should be ready for putting upside down tomorrow and depending on weather perhaps turn late tomorrow arvo or Saturday morning. Once I have worked out clay weight using the mud tool to flatten top surface and shape I should be able tock a few out a week. Still waiting on clay from Jam though order hasnt even left yet – the poor cunt who is organising it is not allowed to check with finance as to who has paid who hasnt due to ‘confidentuality’ so until he gets a confirmation email from everyone he cannot process the order – and we all know how some people are with checking their emails!


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