28/03/11 Bats now ready

Finally all the bats are now rounded and all positioning holes for the locator pins are drilled and sanded. Logging this as part of my uni work so they know I have been doing stuff.
Threw another 16 4-inch plates today have got the hang of the mud-rib tool now – and another 8 will be ready to turn in the morning. Just need the clay to arrive at the Jam so I can continue on a roll.
Managed to buy a wacom tablet on ebay after several attempts at other ones I got one for 36bucks just waiting to hear back about postage probably 15bucks if the others are an indicator. The others sold for 200 upwards this one was cheap as it has no pen found one on ebay brand new with spare nibs etc for 85bucks so a total of 133 fucking bargain. As I am left handed this will be an invaluable piece of technology – it will also allow me to write text on to the images I am using in my own hand writing which will be cool. So once it arrives I guess it will be time to start selecting the images and working them and ganging up ready to send to the decal specialist in melbourne.

this was a self portrait I put the camera on a bench opposited and set the 10second timer as bec was at work! Got the old drill from David and its a pearla.

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