Are These Rainbow Parties for Real? – New York Times

IF drinking, driving and college admissions aren’t enough for the parents of teenagers to worry about, there’s a new specter on the horizon: “rainbow parties.”

As explained in a new paperback novel for teenagers from Simon & Schuster, rainbow parties are group oral sex parties in which each girl wears a different shade of lipstick, and each guy tries to emerge sporting every one of the various colors.

While “Rainbow Party,” by Paul Ruditis, has received a less-than-enthusiastic reception from booksellers, it has won plenty of attention from bloggers and conservative columnists and prompted lots of talk among teenagers, parents and school officials.

“We knew it would be controversial,” Mr. Ruditis said. “But everyone involved felt it was an issue worth exploring in a fictional setting. And I don’t think anyone who reads the book could come out wanting to have a rainbow party.”

Oral sex has, undoubtedly, become part of many teenagers’ sexual repertory. According to the 1995 National Survey of Adolescent Males, released in 2000, about half of boys aged 15 to 19 had received oral sex from a girl, and slightly more than a third had performed it. A 2004 NBC-People survey of 13- to 16-year- olds found that 12 percent had engaged in oral sex, and 4 percent of those – or less than half a percent overall – had been to an oral sex party


.via Are These Parties for Real? – New York Times.

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