Having a Kid Can Ruin Your Sex Life

The story chalks the lack of sexy time up to the additional workload that comes with having a new mouth to feed around the house. Constant feedings and diaper changes, lack of sleep, it’s all a killer in the bedroom. Putting out is the last thing a woman wants to think about when your demon spawn has been running her ragged all day, apparently. But it’s not just women who feel the fatigue. The article also points out that men may suffer from a lack of interest if physical changes in the wife are too extreme or “if they come home tired from work.” In India, only men work and only women get fat, apparently.

Whatever the case, a lack of sex after child birth is not a good thing. Dr Minnu Bohnsle says, “Sex is a way for the woman to feel close and bonded with her man. If this is missing, she may end up feeling lonely and abandoned. To add to this, she will also end up feeling overwhelmed with the task of motherhood.”


via Having a Kid Can Ruin Your Sex Life | The Smoking Jacket.

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