Digital Artworking of images for body of work

What a week. The tablet finally arrived looked like Australia post damaged the box in transit hence the delay but tablet working fine. While setting it up I discovered a problem with my file permissions so ran a optimizer – fuck me whole computer fucking crashed. This  week I was suppose to be starting to work the images for the decals but spent all night monday until thursday night rebuilding the entire computer was a fucking cunt of a thing to happen right at this moment in time.

Anyway started working the first test image on Friday and then realised a few things. I needed to find a film simulator plugin for photoshop (this computers so fucking old was hard to find) Alien Skin is awesome! Then there is the problem of rounding the edges of the pics like the 70’s photos you used to get back from the lab – as this look is softer on the plates. Contacted a fb friend in New York and his advice was to find Photoframe plugin $260 Found it as part of one perfect photo suite still dont know if it works or will work on this piece of shit. Downloading now!

So below is the first test run of the image and text will need to get alot fucking better at hand writing with the tablet and will need to consider the rounding of the corneres as not enough room left on this one – hence a redo coming up! Have included original at bottom as well. Still need to add Tumblr code in when I do these things even if just randomly. Looks like 4hours per image at a reasonable guess so plenty of fucking work to do yet.

This then is the original

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