Reclaiming Cool Ice

Reclaiming this clay has not come without its problems. I have a largealisman sieve that was given to me some time ago. The first attempt I had at reclaiming saw the handle from the sieve which was covered in rust fall into the clay as I turned to push through the sieve. So using a 4″ angle grinder with a sandpaper attachment I sanded all the rust off and am now in the process of clearing the handle to prevent the same thing occurring again.

Due to the clay I ordered having still not arrived I am pressing ahead by reclaiming the cool ice. As I need to do this quickly I spent a few hours corn flaking the clay to dry it out quicker as the weather is now cooling down rapidly each and everyday. Then I spent a few more hours breaking the cornflakes up to maximise the dry out time.

Then while I was breaking the flakes up I was intrigued at the way my finger prints were imbedded in the very thin clay surface. As the area built up it began to remind me of looking at the shells on a shoreline all broken up – wish I had of had the time to light it and photograph it beautifully but I do like the shot anyway. Also gave me ideas for using my images of cemetaries with the bodies looking like they are transparent with the ground (torch burning exposure technique I have developed) would look awesome on really thin sheets of clay hand made like this with decals of above placed onto surface similar to a polaroid.

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