Photoshop Techniques

As I have  previously blogged I was having difficulty in tackling how to create the 70’s photo lab prints with the rounded corners. After researching One Perfect Photo a software package that includes Photo Frame and downloading numerous versions only to discover that most of these applications require an intel chip and minimum of 2gb RAM. I tried and tried over a ten hour period to find one that would work with my old G4 with a PPC chip but to no avail.

Then I came home to find an email from a friend here in Adelaide (I had contacted him and my fb friend in NY as I thought one of them would be able to point me in the right direction) Gary got me onto the software packages which will be awesome once I have my new computer but Bryan has emailed me links to photoshop tutorials which show you how to do this yourself, which is what I will have to go with for now.

This one shows you how to curve the edges in photoshop

This one has many useful actions but specifically discusses how to create scratches on photos and included a set of grudge brushes for free download. This actually made me look at all the brushes I have collected over time and there are so many possibilities to apply from air brush to graffiti and everything in-between. The use of actions is also something that I need to explore further and create some for myself to use in my own workflow. I was also surprised at the amount of free and for sale actions on the net offering a variety of outcomes.

This one shows how to create the edges you see on polaroid transfers and although involved, it highlights that fact that I also need to use channels more to achieve desired outcomes and I must say this guy has a lot of useful tutorials on many topics.

I guess the thing that I learnt from all of this is there is a plethora of information on the net on how to if you know where to look; but most of all that my utilisation of what is possible in photoshop is an untapped resource – I am assuming if most people are like me you learn what you need to know in perspective to what it is you do the most but there are not only better ways but so many more options – makes me wonder what percentage of photoshops ability we use at any given time.

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