Images and text for plates

Well Gerry still wont look at the images so I am having to press ahead on my own. He has commented that I am going to get some flack but seems to be confronted and uncomfortable with looking at the images himself especially if the other students are present. I suggested yesterday that I leave … Continue reading

Plate installation

This is a quarter of the size of the finished layout – I liked the way these particular 12 fitted together I have thrown at least another ten with distorted edges drilled holes etc to add into the final mix of 48. I tested for clear glazes and the original using epk is definitely the … Continue reading

Clay arrives

Clay finally arrived the thursday before easter – been flat out throwing every day. Had quite a bit of trouble with turning at first – there is only a small ideal window to turn this clay given that the plates are so small. Loss rate to date 40% but improving it all the time – … Continue reading