Images and text for plates

Well Gerry still wont look at the images so I am having to press ahead on my own. He has commented that I am going to get some flack but seems to be confronted and uncomfortable with looking at the images himself especially if the other students are present. I suggested yesterday that I leave a key that explains each image so they other assessor can understand what the text is about and where it comes from and what it is trying say. He said they probably wont even look at it which makes me think he knows more than he is letting on. – In fact I have been really concerned by his reaction and lack of engagement with the images. I feel like he needs to be engaged and understand the images to understand what I am doing and what i am trying to convey but I guess I just fall back on my own resolve to do this cause I have the confidence that it will work and will be really fucking great.

Photoshop has presented yet another challenge in undertaking this project. I have had to learn how to mask and use text. After researching how to create rounded corners I soon realised that you cant put a square peg in a round hole – that is I have started to use the space of the plate to create the designs. Downloading different fonts certainly opens the door to more suitable text as imagery in its own right if that makes sense. The use of the alien skin plug in to recreate different film types is awesome but by the time I cut out the image – apply a suitable film choice tweak it then find a font and place it – each image takes between 3 and 4 hours on average but I am very happy with how they are progressing. Nearly half way now 22 done 26 to go 1 week left!

Got to uni early and quickly threw these on to get an idea of how its gonna look – some of the images are doubled up across the two pics but just gives an idea

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