Chainstore axes topless adverts – Life & Style – NZ Herald News

Australasian tween clothing chain Supre is under fire after running sexual advertisements featuring a young topless model.Stores in New Zealand and Australia have pulled the campaign after complaints.The Australian Advertising Standards Bureau said it had received many complaints about the images that appeared in print and on buses that show young topless girls in jeggings … Continue reading

Impact of images in advertising and impact on consumer’s lives

article by Katherine Sullivan very interesting stuff and well written.   Microsoft Word – ATEOI.doc

The Porn Report – FAQS

The Porn Report – FAQS.   This is an Australian article researched by two women. The outcomes regarding porn objectifying women and men being more violent towards women was actually the opposite in their research at the Melbourne University – the porn report was written in 2008. It’s conclusion even surprised me. Will source the … Continue reading

Pornography Statistics

Pornography Statistics. These statistics are astounding!