Mould making for ceramics

Mould making for ceramics.

How bone china is made commercially

How Bone China Works by Katherine Neer Browse the article How Bone China Works Introduction to How Bone China Works When selecting tableware for your house, you have a number of choices: earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain. Among porcelain products, you’ve got basic porcelain, fine china and bone china. Many well appointed homes stock at least one, if … Continue reading

Persnickety Porcelain: How to Minimize Your Loss Rate With this Gorgeous, Yet Difficult, Material

The main thing I take from this article is to make sure you keep the drying time even. and a lot of other advice recommends a dusting of Aulumina Hydrate on the kiln shelf where the piece is going to sit to allow it to slide as it expands and cools (makes sense)  – also … Continue reading

How to throw and trim a plate

Interesting here how he talks about even drying times and putting a sprig into the under-centre of plate when turning to allow for sagging and to try and reduce cracking.


from ceramics and print Paul Scott 1994 pg(67-69) A monoprint or monotype is a ‘drawing with printed features’ or print in an edition of one. Monoprinting is said to have been first used by 17th century Italian, Giovanni Castiglione, and both Degas and Matisse made monoprints. Because a print of one is of little use … Continue reading

Paul Scott Ceramics and Print 1994 – History, Lithography, Intaglio, Silk Screen, Photography, Decals

Ceramics and print and industry have a long history – below I have condensed Paul Scott’s book Ceramics and Print but have expanded the areas of lithography, intaglio printing, silk screening, photography, and decals as relevant to my research. All text is word for work from the book. The first use of ‘print’ in the … Continue reading

Magic Decal Instructions Laser printer

This product looks great and very versatile. Not food safe though can only be used on the exterior of vessels/ceramics. I also have a concern with it melting inside your printer as I have read on some feedback. Also was unable to find a resource that informed you as to the iron level of your … Continue reading

» Pretty as a Picture: Tips for Using Underglaze, Oxide, and Glaze Pens to Draw on Clay

» Pretty as a Picture: Tips for Using Underglaze, Oxide, and Glaze Pens to Draw on Clay.