Images and text for plates

Well Gerry still wont look at the images so I am having to press ahead on my own. He has commented that I am going to get some flack but seems to be confronted and uncomfortable with looking at the images himself especially if the other students are present. I suggested yesterday that I leave … Continue reading

Plate installation

This is a quarter of the size of the finished layout – I liked the way these particular 12 fitted together I have thrown at least another ten with distorted edges drilled holes etc to add into the final mix of 48. I tested for clear glazes and the original using epk is definitely the … Continue reading

Clay arrives

Clay finally arrived the thursday before easter – been flat out throwing every day. Had quite a bit of trouble with turning at first – there is only a small ideal window to turn this clay given that the plates are so small. Loss rate to date 40% but improving it all the time – … Continue reading

Photoshop Techniques

As I have ¬†previously blogged I was having difficulty in tackling how to create the 70’s photo lab prints with the rounded corners. After researching One Perfect Photo a software package that includes Photo Frame and downloading numerous versions only to discover that most of these applications require an intel chip and minimum of 2gb … Continue reading

Digital Artworking of images for body of work

What a week. The tablet finally arrived looked like Australia post damaged the box in transit hence the delay but tablet working fine. While setting it up I discovered a problem with my file permissions so ran a optimizer – fuck me whole computer fucking crashed. This ¬†week I was suppose to be starting to … Continue reading

Reclaiming Cool Ice

Reclaiming this clay has not come without its problems. I have a largealisman sieve that was given to me some time ago. The first attempt I had at reclaiming saw the handle from the sieve which was covered in rust fall into the clay as I turned to push through the sieve. So using a … Continue reading

Transpose Project

We were asked to transpose our idea into another material – that is if we weren’t making it out of ceramics how could we present it. I thought the icon of the mermaid was fairly similar to that of the pinup model or images that we see in advertising or on the net – I … Continue reading

Sharp tools make all the difference to turning

Had no end of trouble turning these minature plates. The porcelain is so fine that every mark shows. After turning 7 plates over 5hours tediously with a variety of blunt tools I ventured down to the hardware shop and bought an sandpaper adapter for the angle grinder and sharpened them all up. After some more … Continue reading

Urban Dictionary: cunt face

This dictionary is amazing it has definitions for shit I had never heard or thought about! lol Urban Dictionary: cunt face.

28/03/11 Bats now ready

Finally all the bats are now rounded and all positioning holes for the locator pins are drilled and sanded. Logging this as part of my uni work so they know I have been doing stuff. Threw another 16 4-inch plates today have got the hang of the mud-rib tool now – and another 8 will … Continue reading

27/03/11 Throwing cool ice porcelain

Ok think I have the hang of it now – I have worked out a system somewhere between ram’s head and spiral wedging that seems to work beautifully. 200-grams is perfect amount to throw a 4-inch plate and the 0-size mud rib is perfect for ustilising both the amount of clay and gaining desired shape … Continue reading

Throwing Cool Ice Porcelain – In studio at home

This clay is amazing it is so plastic it is incredible I have never thrown with anything like it (but then I have never thrown porcelain) it is worth every dollar. It is like butter in your hands but it does record any mistakes and it hates any air-bubbles. Have had a few difficulties in … Continue reading

Home away from Home

My new home away from home for the next 12 weeks. I spent 12months gearing up to come back and complete my specialisation. Packed up all my tools of trade only to discover that you no longer can throw in your own space. Given that I spent a whole day stripping my own work area … Continue reading

Gerry Wedd Bibliography from MA

Bibliography Books Benjamin, W. 1969, The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, Illuminations   Carnegy, D. 1993, Tin-Glazed Earthenware, A&C Black, London   Clark, G. 2006, Ceramic Millennium: Critical Writings on Ceramic History, Theory and Art, The Press of the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design   Clark, G. 2003, Shards, … Continue reading