Verne Funk (USA)

from confrontational ceramics Judith S Schwartz pg 180 Verne Funk: In Brush Stroke the attempt is fragmentation; to both moderate the image and at the same time to imply male voyeurism, like looking through a keyhole. The fragmentation enhances the erotic nature but softens the pornographic nature. There is obviously a thin line between the … Continue reading

Liu Jianhua (China)

from confrontational ceramics Judith S Schwartz 2008 pg 162 Liu Jianhua: Liu Jianhua presents a titillating pose of a woman lying upon a polychrome -patterned plate typical of those produced in the city of Jingdezhen, the porcelain capital of China. He appropriates patterns used on everyday serving dishes, but the women are meant to ‘serve … Continue reading

Gerard Justin Ferrari (USA)

from confrontational ceramics Judith S Schwartz 2008 pg 71 Gerard Justin Ferrari: Corporate Rape Simulator addresses the unrelenting concern of various multinational corporations with the bottom line. I believe that many of these companies will stop at nothing to hide their sweatshops, extremely low wages, administrative brutality, and unethical and inhumane war they wage against … Continue reading

Grayson Perry

Confrontational Ceramics Judith S Schwartz 2008 pg 48 Grayson Perry: A lot of my work has always had a guerrilla tactic, a stealth tactic. I want to make something that lives with the eye as a beautiful piece of art, but on closer inspection, a polemic or an ideology will come out of it. Not … Continue reading

Awesome Ceramic Dish

Can anyone please tell me who this ceramic artist is

Yunomi Cup Competition AKAR Art

‘What we did before video games’ – Lynne Ostermann   Lauren Gallaspy Wall Photos.